Expedio staff provided excellent advice and assistance when we made the decision to integrate several historical datasets, through the design and implementation of a data model that preserved the security of the original data, to the point where our database is largely self-sufficient and self-reliant. Expedio have the experience on-board to understand our needs, as well as the ability to provide varying levels of data management, software, hardware and compliance advice. Training for staff using OCRIS Mobile has been simple and effective, as is the product, and ongoing support and communication has been faultless. I have been unsuccessful, so far, in creating a pickle Phil, Lara and Jude can’t fix. I’ll keep trying. Kell Barnes Database Administrator – Northern Star

Upgrading to the OCRIS Toolbox Data Manager has resulted in cost savings, time efficiencies and has improved the quality of our data with built in customised validation rules. With 6 rigs currently operating, it has been easy to import drilling data and assay results, complete all quality control checks, and export data as required. The software allows for a Geologist to operate the system easily without the need for a full time database administrator but still maintains the ability to have all data kept within an auditable SQL-based database. API has been working with Expedio for over 10 years with all requests promptly addressed by their friendly team. Michael Wall Senior Geologist - API

We have been using OCRIS Mobile and Expedio for our data capture and database needs for over a year now because OCRIS Mobile saves time and the guys at Expedio know what they are doing. We found that by using OCRIS Mobiles simple format and advanced instantaneous validation capability we have reduced the time it takes to collect field data, allowing us to focus more on interpretations and geology. Expedio also manages our database which again saves us time and money with them providing speedy responses to our requests, an extremely high level of technical support and confidence in our data. I highly recommend using Expedio for your data capture and database requirements. Craig Barker Exploration Manager - Renaissance

Our Data is our asset so we got the best. Working with Lara and Jude at Expedio has allowed us to concentrate on the running of our business while they have taken on all our data needs with efficiency, including the OCRIS products for our just completed drilling campaign which our Geo’s took to using with ease. Geoff Gilmour Managing Director, Rift Valley Resources

Thanking you and team, to finish up this migration. In my experience, this is the migration that done smoothly and very quick. I have four times in my career to migrate the database, and most of it came up in pain and stressful. I am glad it going well and just have a minor issue to be fixed. Janjan Hertrijana Manager Mine Geology, Martabe Gold Mine

Ocris is excellent – smoothly implemented and so slick my geology team has time to do their real job. Andy Thompson General Manager Resources and Geology / Sirius Resources

Through the implementation of OCRIS Mobile, Northern Minerals has successfully transitioned from paper logging to digital data capture. The quality of our data captured has vastly improved, and the user defined validation has allowed us to seamlessly integrate data to our master database, saving the company time and money. Kevin Das Geological Data Manager - Northern Minerals

While using OCRIS Mobile this year it became very obvious that Expedio has a talented and passionate team who have set goals to reach all their geologists' needs. The software ran so smoothly and intuitively. I enjoyed the data validation browser at the bottom of the screen and how you can navigate to an error in any of the tables. I also really enjoyed the different editing tools, like insert/sort columns and configure Actions. Lesley Stokes Project Geologist - Paulsens

You guys have done a great job with this OCRIS. I have been stuffing around with the demo and absolutely love it. On the fly validation is the greatest thing ever. Joseph Reid Database Manager - Stavely Minerals Ltd

Expedio has been providing an excellent professional service in managing our exploration drillhole SQL database since March 2009. We are essentially using Expedio as a 'service on a tab' which I have found to be the most cost effective way in managing our database given the status of our iron ore exploration projects in the Pilbara. I have also found that the consultants from Expedio who have been doing the work for us are competent and reliable. Aning Zhang Exploration Manager - Brockman

Jude was very approachable, patient and adept at training my geological team whose skill level varied greatly and whose ability to comprehend English was poor. The local fellas were in disbelief. How could a wanita be so knowledgeable, organised and hardworking; not to mention being such a demon on a dirt bike and have blond hair! A competent women who I would gladly recommend to anyone seeking her services. Rob Oliver Geologist, Doral Mineral Sands