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OCRIS Mobile

Years of experience in tough exploration environments has shown that a combination of our OCRIS Mobile field logging software with a rugged hardware solution captures all field data with precision, speed and reliability.

OCRIS Mobile has an unbeatable range of features combined with rock-solid data validation and management. OCRIS Mobile is the only choice if you want fast, accurate and dependable exploration or mining data capture in the field.

  • Worksheet Defaults - To assist in the logging process, default parameter sets can be created for each Worksheet and used to pre-populate values and formulas in newly added rows of data
  • Pick-lists - Attach pick lists to fields to ensure adherence to company logging standards - supports unlimited nested levels
  • Keyboard shortcuts - Provides the ability to fast-track data entry by using various keyboard shortcuts
  • Bulk inserts - Add multiple rows at once, which can speed up data entry when combined with the correct Worksheet defaults
  • Predictive text in library drop-downs
  • Intuitive 'on the fly' visual validation with cells highlighted and 'hover' hints
  • The site status diagram represents your data coverage by hole including missing and overlapping intervals
  • Click on the links from the error report direct to the data causing the problem
  • Severity levels can be set to 'Warning' or 'Fatal' to control data flow

Our custom validation rules allow worksheet data validation to be added to your OCRIS Mobile installation, providing the ability to define contextual checking of data within and across multiple worksheets. Custom validation allows you to check for such things as:

  • Overlapping or missing intervals
  • Invalid dip/azimuth/grid values
  • End depth checking
  • Invalid sample types or groups
  • 'Contextual' or 'logical' checking across data columns

We can auto-calculate fields such as:

  • Recovery
  • RQD
  • SG
  • Length
  • and many more

Manage your data flow with an Export Status flag:

  • System generated flag for new data
  • Users can choose to hold data on logger until complete
  • System generated flag for exported data
  • Exported data is kept on Logger in Read Only status
  • Drag and drop your worksheets to get the layout you want
  • Makes it simple to compare downhole attributes against each other
  • Moving back to the traditional layout is just as easy

Do you have more than one activity going at once? You can have more than one logger definition on each machine. We can set up logger definitions for programs such as:

  • Diamond and RC drilling
  • Geochemical sampling
  • Grade control drilling
  • Mine Production
  • Hydrological applications
  • Environmental applications
  • Heritage investigations
  • Programs Of Work
  • and more...
  • import data from a .csv file data source
  • import planned data and their associated metadata
  • import legacy data to simplify the validation process

You can attach devices such as:

  • GPS
  • Camera
  • XRF
  • Electronic scales
  • Magsus Meters
  • and more...

Correctly configured loggers allow the user to visualize the relative position of sites within a project.

Control who can see what and when:

  • Control what is visible and accessible for different work roles
  • Administrator and User profiles

OCRIS Mobile offers data security:

  • Logging definitions can be easily updated without affecting the integrity of existing data
  • Auditable trail of database changes

OCRIS Mobile's intelligent updater:

  • Streamlined installation and activation with both on-line and off-line activation options available
  • Automatically check for software updates via the cloud and apply patches when it suits you

OCRIS Mobile is a fully self-contained solution:

  • No SQL server or any other database engine required
  • Can be used offline, Internet not required

OCRIS Mobile from Expedio


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