A robust application packed with tools to manage multiple projects and data sources

OCRIS Toolbox

OCRIS Toolbox is a feature packed collection of tools to build and drive robust geological and exploration / mining data management solutions. Presented in an easy to understand interface the Toolbox contains everything you need to deliver Always Accurate Data in an efficient and timely manner.

Completely standard database with all project specific requirements made through dedicated Tools and stored in XML format in the database.

  • All configuration is version controlled
  • Remote support is via a simple upgrade package
  • All user objects are in XML (Domains, Rules, Imports, Exports, Dataviews)

Standardised interface between OCRIS Mobile and the database browsers.

  • Flexible data browsing options
  • Data entry screens
  • Wizards for Metadata
  • Wizards for Sample Despatch
  • Multi Lab file validation and loading
  • Inline interactive QC charting
  • Ability to quarantine bad lab files
  • Ability to composite samples
  • Ability to re-despatch samples for QC work
  • Handles any commodity
  • Wizards for Curve mapping
  • Multi file validation and loading
  • Ability to composite curves
  • Interactive Visual display of curve data
  • Wizards to validate and load Field Data files
  • Interface for error display and rectification with Reload options
  • Capture of metadata from Field Data files and KPI's of load session
  • Ensures Reporting standards compliance
  • Facilitates incremental database replication
  • Multiple version management
  • Simple remote support for configuration changes
  • You can access the configuration engine for OCRIS Mobile
  • We can also access the same file for assistance when required

OCRIS Toolbox from Expedio

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