Geobank Optimisation by Expedio

Geobank Optimisation

So, you've spent good money on GBIS/GeoBank from Micromine but feel you haven't got the system you thought you were going to get?

Let us optimise your investment in Geobank by adding our knowledge & experience to your software.

10 years of driving GBIS hard has put us in a position to know the best way for you to use it. Take advantage of our knowledge to maximise your return on investment in this excellent software. Expedio are the global leaders in the design and implementation of Geobank Data Management Solutions.

We will clean up your data model to make it hum with GBIS/Geobank.

Expedio have developed a standardised approach to exploration and mining data management issues utilising the flexibility of Geobank to streamline workflow, thereby creating an efficient, robust and cost effective database management solution.

Use the software to make GBIS/Geobank work like it should for the resource industry:

Whether you are exploring for Iron ore or mining diamonds, managing daily employee activities or testing for soil contaminants, let the team at Expedio optimise your Geobank software to maximise the benefit from your investment.

With over 50 years combined experience in building and using GBIS & Geobank systems, Expedio provide advanced, relevant Geobank consulting.

Simplify getting data into and out of your database - Expedio can take it from a multi-step process to a single-step.

  • high performance pivot queries
  • interface creation and enhancement
  • on import grid transformation
  • on import Dip/Dip Direction calculation
  • lease boundary assignment on import and more

See what you have with our bespoke Graphic Reports.

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